Throughout their most tribulations, Seraphina stayed the only real person in Wellston High that John genuinely cared about

John had no interest in creating anything to do with Arlo initially. He had been susceptible to inadvertently bumping inside master due to maybe not watching in which he was supposed. He apologized for his clumsiness, and Arlo appeared to not keep any grudge on it inspite of the shocked remarks of onlookers. John had no actual concern about the King, plus decided to go to take in lunch on the roof alongside him, despite Arlo reminding your the region had been for Royals only. Though in the beginning cautious that Arlo had been as much as something, John started to genuinely believe that the guy could befriend the master just like the guy befriended Seraphina. Arlo’s effectiveness John’s attempts only seemed to encourage him. In the course of time, John would learn that their first examination of Arlo’s personality was after all. After Arlo had John ambushed and unveiled he masterminded his and Seraphina’s divorce so that you can “put John in the put”, reminding John of Claire’s betrayal and description, creating him snap with enormous rage at King. He unleashes his skill at full-strength the very first time in 2 years to brutally defeat Arlo for his cold machinations and place your in his place as a punishment for pushing your beyond the splitting aim. Since that time then, John has received nothing except complete contempt towards Arlo for implementing the college’s hierarchy, and goes as far as to trust that Arlo damaged his times at Wellston, which ironically happens to be the truth. As far as John’s concerned, Arlo’s control must have generated him subservient to John, despite enabling the Master to hold their throne in public.A

Though he learned directly that John was actually also powerful to manage, Arlo refused to obey their sales as a result of the former’s childish personality in managing situations

Arlo’s determination for wanting to force John in to the hierarchy is because your thinking about John to-be a nuisance considering “corrupting” Seraphina with his silly life style, alongside Arlo’s one-sided perception that everyone should stick to the hierarchy. In the course of time, John chose that Arlo should have a taste of his or her own treatments, and place about damaging anything Arlo got built-up at Wellston off spite for your additionally the system, mostly because of just what it had been carrying out and done this much to make Seraphina bear. Arlo initially believed that John lacked the conviction to endure with-it, until information on John’s history at New Bostin convinced your that John was not producing vacant dangers, as well as implied every word. Arlo, upon recognizing the reason why John had ejected himself out from the hierarchy as well as the issues he’d lead upon Wellston by forcing him into it, attemptedto apologize and make doing your for everything he had carried out in trade for him to eliminate his behavior as Joker. But unfortunately for Arlo, John don’t believe him as a result of his previous deceptions and explains he is just claiming all that to protect the hierarchy, and that the guy doesn’t really created those terms of apology. In the course of time, John publicly dethroned Arlo efficiently after managing Remi a brutal beating.

Whenever John started initially to bring bullied more often because of Seraphina’s suspension system, Arlo when intervened and lead him to your infirmary, perhaps not comprehending why John refused to react

Since he dethroned Arlo, John ended up being wanting to return into mixing into society as a cripple, but sooner or later, that grabbed a turn after John was subjected as Joker in the school newsprint, and then he learned that Seraphina discovered John’s genuine personality. After brutalizing Zeke, Mardin, and Julien in a 3 vs 1 efficiently and openly dethroning Arlo. Since John turned into King, he does not want to accept Arlo’s suggestions or at all as a result of his grudge against Arlo.