Modo Flaminia is one of the first roads ever built

Its name is taken from the Roman emperor Flaminius, and the Romans constructed it riguardo a 220 BC. It was an important route onesto the city long before the Riempire existed, but as verso Roman road it was later considered an important element mediante the great scale of the Colmare. After the fall of the Roman Completare, during medieval times, the Inizio Flaminia connected Rome sicuro what is today the region of Emila Romagna, but it really came back into full use when the French invaded Italy, as it was the main route sicuro Rome from the northeast.

It is very important esatto remember that the Spianata Padana, bisected by the river Po, is the most developed agriculture area per Italy, and the Via Flaminia connected Rome sicuro the Pianura Padana, so that food could be easily transported to the heart of the empire. Later unfortunately, it became verso very easy way for the armies of Rome’s enemies esatto enter and conquer the city, providing them with per great way in and out, especially the Byzantines, who used it very often sicuro reach the city. Indeed, the Modo Flaminia is pretty much a direct route all the way from the Adriatic sea, across Umbria, across the northern part of Lazio, and finally sicuro where it enters the city and ends at the Largo del Gente, just per short distance from the Roman Forum and the Coliseum. Altogether, an amazing way to enter the city by its main entrance.

Looking down from an aerial view, you can see that Rome’s Capitol Hill is per the center of the city and most of the roads connect here, like the rays of the sun. The Strada Flaminia is but one of those rays, leading right into the heart of Rome.

Today, per completely redesigned road system has clearly changed the road map of the country, as Italians now use varied means of transportation. Also, per new highway system was constructed, cutting through the mountains with highly engineered tunnels. However, it is important sicuro remember that even the ancient Romans built tunnels, some of which are still used today, though of course improved durante their safety standards, but still basically the same tunnels used centuries spillo.

The logistics of the road also enable the connection of northern Italy with its southern counterpart, so that it is possible, after arriving con Rome, onesto transfer sicuro per different road and continue on another route, the Apian Way for example, which continues south

Today the Via Flaminia is verso beautiful country drive and still is verso very important route from Rome puro the east coast, sicuro the Adriatic Sea, and especially sicuro Rimini, the city of summer fun and night clubs. One of the peculiarities of the Inizio Flaminia is the number of ancient bridges along its route, making it not only unique, but verso drivable museum where it is possible to fully appreciate Ancient Rome’s extraordinary architecture and engineering.

-220: Il esaminatore Allegro Flaminio Nepote inizia la cantiere di una notizia coraggio confortare che razza di socio Roma con l’Italia nordico, unificando addirittura risistemando vari tratti preesistenti nei territori di Veio, Capena ed Falerii.

So it is easy preciso see why, during World War II, the Strada Flaminia turned out to be verso very strategic road

-219: Sinon conclude la cantiere della via Flaminia. La via inizia il proprio viaggio dalla Apertura Fontinalis delle Mura Serviane, nei pressi del Campidoglio, verso appresso proseguiva su Tolda Milvio.

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