First thing Monday morning I get my body ready and put my makeup on (I enjoy that)

I thought I would be low key with leggings, a sweater, shoes and a gender neutral jacket. I thought about going somewhere quiet and take a few pictures and then back home.

BUT, then I thought “what would Kandi do?” (Readers, thinking what would Kandi do will generally result in trouble). So on goes the pantyhose, skirt, front zip sweater, ballerina flats and a scarf.

Well, Kandi wouldn’t go to a quiet place, so I drive to the nearby town and into the Post Office and mail a letter and check my mailbox. Next a walk down Main Street to the bank to take out some cash. Saying hi to people as we pass by.

First, I was able to mix and match this new dark red sweater with both skinny jeans and a gray skirt

Back to the car and off to Walmart. In I go to buy a small tripod to hold my phone camera in order to take better pictures of myself. I asked a sales associate for help in finding the tripods. He was very helpful and courteous. I found exactly what I needed.

I usually like to try my new purchases to see if they work, so I unwrapped the tripod, put my iPhone in it and mounted it on the hood of my car in the Walmart parking lot

Before leaving I thought I would get another bra; something one size bigger (42 to a 44). I wasn’t happy with the selection so I went to self checkout.

I prefer paying cash whenever I buy stuff, so there is a SA specifically there to handle self checkout cash. She was very good with my purchase and helped get a bag for me to carry out my tripod. I then proudly walked across the inside of the store to the exit and out to my car.

I made a few videos of me walking out front of the car. Some people close by in their vehicles must of thought I was crazy for taking pictures out front of Walmart. (How great!).

I have attached a picture I took before I headed out. It is probably my worst look, but it is feminine! I think my best look is in the first pictures I sent you wearing the red scarf.

How great is this! Out in public, interacting with people, feeling wonderful. I am blessed to know this beautiful lady!

– I worked the late shift at the event and didn’t get back to the hotel room until almost 9:30 PM. Too late for any outing, but I had other outfits that I wanted to put on. Time for a photo shoot!

The sweater is quite warm, perfect for a crisp fall day. The first necklace is also part of the package that my friend Samm had brought to me the day before. I tried the snake print heels again, and they were only marginally better. Walking was still painful, but I could stand for a photo. I changed back to my black heels with the skirt for a more classic look.

Then I put on a black and white leopard top with the same gray skirt. This is a spring and summer office outfit and was my second choice for the dinner Samm and I had the previous evening. I’m glad I went casual, as I hadn’t realized that I needed to iron the skirt!

The next dress is a navy blue number from Venus. I also got this style in hot pink at the same time last year, two dresses for less than the original price of one! I like the gold belt-like detail to define my waist, although it does show me what I need to do to get back in shape. Thanks to the virus and my work schedule, I haven’t been able to get in Down Dating a power walk for weeks.